Welcome to Dexters Recruitment!


Dexter’s prides itself on making sure we understand you and your professional needs. Locally, nationally or internationally we will identify the key elements required by your role, industry and location to create a bespoke solution built entirely to meet your needs.

With over 25 years of combined experience we understand that recruitment is an investment in terms of both business objectives and resources, which is why our key objective is to manage the process for you as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Based in Great Yarmouth we offer an international service with all the attention to detail you would expect from a local company. We believe an investment in knowing our customers is paramount to offering a good service.

Our consultants are all trained to our high standards and have a range of specialisms meaning that you will always work with someone who knows your industry, understands your needs and has a wealth of experience and contacts within your sector. 

Why choose Dexters recruitment agency?

Knowledge of the market

Our market knowledge means with have a great insight into available talent, salary rates and how to reach out to the best people

Extended reach

Many candidates are hard to reach, they may not be looking for work so will not respond to adverts etc. Our team know exactly who these people are and where to find them.

Candidates not applicants

Many companies search for applicants not candidates, wasting huge amounts of time on filtering, assessing, matching and communication. Our team provide you with pre selected candidates that match your exacting criteria.

Help with employer brand

Good candidates will want to know about the employer brand. Working with us you can trust we’ve taken the time to get to know you enabling us to present the right information and image to potential candidates.

Access to key strategic skills

On a shorter term basis we can help you access the key skills you may need for a particular project over a shorter time period. It may be that you require a particular skill set as a one off or in regular short bursts, either way our connections mean we can supply exactly what you need when you need it.


Your resources are precious so don’t waste them on searching for staff. Let us do the leg work instead of overburdening already hard pressed in house HR teams – Our networks have a far better reach with much more effective results.

Don’t just take our word for it, visit our testimonials page to see what our clients say about us.